Hidden Figures (2017)


(Hidden Figures, 2017)

They have lifted a rocket into space, they can definitely lift your mood too.

By Emmie Cosgrove


Hidden Figures is a biopic, directed by Theodore Melfi, that tells the heart-warming true story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, three incredibly intelligent African-American scientists who work for NASA. Each of the trio massively contributed to making space travel a success for America and were the brains behind one of the greatest space operations in history, sending the astronaut John Glenn into orbit.

The film features three story arcs giving audiences an insight into Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary’s struggles and achievements, with the main story, though, being that of Katherine’s, a brilliant mathematician with great cat eyed glasses. However, both Dorothy and Mary’s stories are not overshadowed and are very much touched upon as well. The relationship between these three women and their constant support for one another carries the warmth of the film throughout.

The simplistic style of the film works well and in tandem with the simplistic nature of the plot. The issues of racism and sexism are touched upon enough though in a way that is not in a very intense, heavy manner, leaving the main focus of this biopic to be the achievements of three women. They power through all of the struggles they face and refuse to take no for an answer, making Hidden Figures a beautifully empowering film for women, and women of colour especially.

Hidden Figures balances the right amount of drama and comedy while the performances throughout from the whole cast are highly entertaining. If you are looking for an uplifting feel-good film to inspire and leave you feeling empowered, Hidden Figures is the film to watch.


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