Fist Fight (2017)


(Fist Fight, 2017)

A tedious comedy.

By Jak Luke Sharp

Fist Fight, a film by Richie Keen, mostly known for his work on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has had a boring, uninspiring marketing campaign. While Charlie Day is an admirable screen presence, especially his work on It’s Always Sunny, adding minor interest into how the final feature will be pulled off, the trailer squashes any hope of an It’s Always Sunny cinema masterclass.  The marketing came in droves but has failed to grasp any worthy interest while Ice Cube and Day fire insults at one another with the hope to hook audiences into seeing them finally “fight” – I had zero hopes.

The film is an accumulation of eighty minutes of Day running back and forth through a high school avoiding any issues with the horrible pupils and any confrontation with the passive aggressive Ice Cube, who quite literally speaks in threats. The final duel is, surprisingly, shot with energy and the anger is caught to a good standard, but everything else is a mess. The film is incredibly tedious; it feels as if you are caught in a time-loop with it repeating itself again and again. The added inclusion of Day’s characters’ daughter and mother does not help because, like the rest of the story, it has no depth. However, there is one good scene involving Day and his daughter at a school play that will leave you in stitches, presumably because it felt just out of an episode of It’s Always Sunny, but this is where the major problem lies: it is not an episode of It’s Always Sunny. The transition from a twenty-minute television episode to a feature length film is incredibly clear and rather unjust, the film fails to substantiate itself long enough for any joke or character to have impact and results in it becoming a chore to watch.

Overall, incredibly disappointing, boring, tedious, humourless, and painful. It is hard not to see how this has failed. If this is the direction of cheap, poor comedies coming and going for a quick buck you can count me out.


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