About us

Launched by Falmouth University students in 2009, Rushes is the voice of film criticism at Falmouth. It aims to champion student writing and welcomes contributions from current students and alumni. 

Email rushesfilmmagazine@yahoo.com if you want to become a contributor or have a comment on the site. We are looking for reviews, interviews, features and promotional articles on student films. Anything goes, so contact the editorial team with your ideas.

A new editorial team led by final year students takes charge each academic year to keep the content fresh. The Rushes Editorial Team 2017-18 is:

 – Editor: Alice Jennings

 – Social Media Editor: Chatcha Hengprasit

Features Editors: Danielle Johns, Ralph Whitehead

– Reviews Editors: Charlie Hogg, Jessica Tillcock


– Consultant Editor: Dr Kingsley Marshall

– Executive Editor: Angela Annesley